I scrapped my parts car today ('89 244 with the rockers/trunk floor half-gone and everything dried out from sitting) and wished I could have given it the same sort of sendoff. I did the next best thing, though - took everything usable out of it before it left. It'll help my other '89 244 and my '92 745Ti live on. » 9/29/11 5:15am 9/29/11 5:15am

Being from New England and not acting like a total cock (most of the time), I was mistaken for Canadian last time I was in Scotland, for what that's worth. I was oddly proud of myself. » 7/30/11 11:57am 7/30/11 11:57am

Agreed. I don't believe I've ever more than doubled the speed limit of any road (my speedometer needle won't turn past 90) - but everywhere I've done more than 70 MPH has been, at least, a wide two-lane with good visibility and few entrances, and only when traffic permits. If I miscalculate or part of my car fails, I… » 5/24/11 5:48pm 5/24/11 5:48pm